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Aigo DarkFlash LEO Mid Tower Black ATX Gaming Casing With Triple RGB Fan And Tempered Glass Side Window.

৳ 3,800

Aigo Darkflash Leo Mid Tower Black Tempered ATX Gaming Casing With Triple RGB Fan.

৳ 4,100

Aigo DarkFlash Pollux PC 3 RGB Fan with Remote Control Gaming Casing.

৳ 4,100

Antec NX400 Mid Tower Gaming Case.

৳ 4,050

Antec NX500 Mid-Tower Gaming Desktop Case.

৳ 4,100

Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB Mid Tower Tempered Glass Iron Grey Gaming Case.

৳ 10,350


৳ 3,300

Gamemax Rockstar 2-3605 Mid Tower Black ATX Tempered Glass Gaming Casing.

৳ 5,500

Gigabyte C200 Glass RGB LED Mid Tower Gaming Casing.

৳ 4,100

Golden Field 1092B Tempered Glass Mid Tower Gaming Desktop Case.

৳ 3,500

Lian Li O11DX O11 Dynamic ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case – PC-O11DX (Black)

৳ 11,300

MONTECH Air X ARGB Mesh Black GAMING Desktop Casing.

৳ 5,250

Montech Air X ARGB Mesh Gaming Case White.

৳ 5,400

Montech Fighter 500 ATX MID-Tower Gaming Desktop Case.

৳ 4,000

Montech Fighter 500 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Desktop Casing (White).

৳ 4,000

MSI Mag Forge 100R Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Desktop Case.

৳ 5,500

NZXT H510 Flow Matte White Compact Mid-Tower Gaming Casing

৳ 6,950

NZXT Kraken X53 240mm All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler

৳ 13,300

Thermaltake K13 Mid Tower Thermal 2 Big Size Lighting Fan Front & One Side Tampered Glass 1x USB 3.0 2x USB 2.0 Gaming Casing.

৳ 3,700

Thermaltake Versa J21 Tempered Glass Edition Mid Tower Gaming Desktop Casing.

৳ 4,950

Thermaltake Versa J23 TG RGB Tempered Glass-1 Mid-Tower Black Desktop Casing.

Thermaltake Versa J24 Tempered Glass Side Window RGB Edition Mid-Tower Black Desktop Case.

৳ 6,200

Thermaltake Versa K10 ATX Tempered Glass ARGB Edition Mid Tower Desktop Gaming Case.

৳ 5,500

Value Top MANIA X1 E-ATX Mid Tower Black Gaming Desktop Casing.

৳ 4,350